Server 3.0.6 released

  • FIX: Lack of string etiquette in the trigger server, resolve buffer overrun (#434)
  • FIX: Nasty storage deletion routine bug where old videos may not be deleted, resulting in 100% disk usage and failure to components (#433)
  • FIX: Web: Layout problem when cameras are disabled (#227)
  • FEATURE: Auto-expand IP Cameras in Devices page (#430)


Due to a issue with Ubuntu 18.04 installing mysql-server-5.7 at the same time as the bluecherry 3.0.6 update the first upgrade will fail.

The preferred method is to run these commands:

sudo apt-get update ; sudo apt-get install mysql-server-5.7 ; sudo apt-get install bluecherry

Server 3.0.5

  • FIX: Web playback - AJAX error caused by the wrong time format (#388)
  • FIX: Fixed segment violation bug in recording schedule (#425)
  • FIX: Change VAAPI to ‘None’ by default (#421)
  • FIX: Web backup / restore - Fixed problem where backup and restore would always fail (#414 / #409)
  • FIX: Fix mailer.php (attachments were broken) (#405)
  • FIX: TLS / SASL improvements (#366)
  • FEATURE: Support systemd (allowing for newer Ubuntu distributions) (#406)
  • FEATURE: Adds temporal-based motion detection algorithm - Added by Kyle Mallory
  • FEATURE: Minor improvements to Experimental motion detection algorithm, specifically support for “max motion area”. - Added by Kyle Mallory

Server 3.0.3 released

  • Discover IP cameras using ONVIF WSDD
  • Autoconfigure RTSP paths using ONVIF
  • Recording triggered by ONVIF events (in trigger mode)
  • Webhooks
  • Updated playback screen layout

Server 3.0.1 released

  • IP camera substreams can be used as a live view stream source
  • VAAPI hardware accelerated decoding for motion detection
  • VAAPI hardware accelerated reencoding for MJPEG streams in web UI live view
  • New feature - force password change on next user login
  • Livestream reencoding to lower bitrate using VAAPI acceleration