Server 2.8.9 released

  • Fix: Nasty storage deletion routine bug where old videos may not be deleted, resulting in 100% disk usage and failure to components (#433)
  • Feature: Implement new announcement / changelog system (#445)

This release focuses on tracking orphan video / image files that are left over on the server taking up unnecessary space.  When running 2.8.9 you may see the following in the bluecherry logs:

bc-server[21782]: I(): Initial media cleanup finished: removed(2122), archived(0), errors(23), others(0)

 If you see an error in the log file it is safe to ignore this.

Note:  This will be the last 2.8.9 server release.  We will be releasing 3.1.0 release candidates starting May 24, 2021.  

Customers that have an existing version 2 license can contact Bluecherry for a coupon code to upgrade to version 3 for 50% off.