Windows Desktop Client 3.0.0-beta3 released

This release focuses on several bugs discovered in beta 2:

* Resolve bug where the client won't actually close (Fixes #49 and #53)
* Add code analysis to CI build process (follows Flutter best-practices)

This release has the following features:

* Show warning if there are no downloads
* Remove unneeded libraries (saves approximately 50% of installation size)

As always you can download the latest Version 3 beta client from GitHub (

Windows Desktop Client 3.0.0-beta1 released


This is a complete rewrite of the Bluecherry remote client. Literally none of the code base from Version to Version 3 was reused. This means some things may not function as expected and currently PTZ does NOT work. If you have a PTZ camera and would like to help test please let us know in the discussions area -

What's Changed

Initial Windows Desktop release.

Full Changelog:

Client 2.8.9 released

  • Port Bluecherry Client to Qt5
  • Support Ubuntu 20.04 (#320)
  • Support Debian Buster (#321)
  • Reimplemented liveview GUI using Qt Widgets instead of QML
  • Enabled switching between liveview substream & main stream
  • Migrated to Autotools build system
  • Reimplment drag and drop functionality (lost during port to Qt5)

As always you can download the client on our website, or run ‘sudo apt-get update ; sudo apt-get install bluecherry-client’ on Ubuntu / Debian systems.  Optionally you can build the latest client yourself by downloading the source code here (