Server 3.1.0-rc5 released

This release focuses on resolving several reports issues.  

  • FIX: Frame based motion randomly stops in the middle of a motion event #(500)
  • FIX: Constant recordings stop after several seconds (#523)
  • FIX: Add cron scripts for domain and SSL renewal
  • FIX: Only send webhook trigger on motion, not constant video (#515) -- Thanks to @mcnelson for this fix
  • FIX: Increase Media.size limit to fix SQL errors with 1hr+ record segments (0294eef) -- Thanks to @mcnelson for this fix
  • FIX: Web UI fix: can't delete webhooks when there are multiple webhooks configured (b384096) -- Thanks to @enp6s0 for this fix

You can run the following command to upgrade to this release:

sudo apt-get update ; sudo apt-get install bluecherry

Server 3.1.0-rc4 released

  • FIX: Most reported crashes in RC3 (one still remains outstanding)
  • FIX: Don't overwrite subdomain SSL certificate include in nginx on upgrade (57bea75)
  • FIX: Add cronscript to check for new IP address and report changes to subdomain API (#507)
  • FIX: Available licensed ports show -1 (#504)
  • FIX: HLS stream is unstable (#487)
  • FIX: Failed to init muxer for output file $filepath invalid argument
  • FIX: apt-get remove --purge remove does not truncate (remove) the user, prevents reinstallation (2b3d199)
  • FEATURE: Update devices.xml to show device name (needed in mobile app) (00e2fc1)
  • FEATURE: Finished monitoring threads and high performance statistic collector with backend API (#506)

Server 3.1.0-rc3 released / Bluecherry mobile app testing

This release fixes two reported crashes.  Additionally this release adds support for creating a (free!) domain and will generate Let's Encrypt SSL for you.  The subdomain / Let's Encrypt process takes approximately 60 seconds to complete.

Watch our short YouTube video for information on this using this new feature.

Once you generate a Let's Encrypt SSL you can test out our Bluecherry App!  Join us on Slack for a free invite on TestFlight (iOS) or our Android app.

Note - A Bluecherry perpetual license is required to use this feature, it is not avoid in the community edition.

Changes in RC3: 

FIX: All reported crashes in RC2.
FIX: Firefox UblockOrigin blocks certain menu item clicks (#474)
FIX: Web: 504 Gateway Time-out fix (#470)
FIX: 30 day trial should allow unlimited cameras, however currently limited to 4 (#475)
FIX: Adding a user without an email address causes the web interface to become unresponsive (#484)
FIX: Warn users who are upgrading from Version 2 to Version 3 that their license keys will not work in Version 2 (#492)
FIX: Update location of nginx logs for viewing in Web UI 
FEATURE: Add webhook test functionality

Server 3.1.0-rc2 (Buster fix)

  • FIX: Resolve PHP problems preventing installation

This release focuses solely on a Debian 10 (Buster) installation problem discovered after 3.1.0-rc2.  This fix is for Debian 10 Buster only.

After this you can run this command to update your repository to the unstable repository and install version 3.1.0-rc1

sudo bash -c "$(curl -s

If you DO NOT want to upgrade and want to keep the currently installed Bluecherry version please run:

sudo apt-mark hold bluecherry