Sneak peak at Unity, a cross device / platform client

June 24, 2022

Our team has been working on designing a cross device client code named 'Unity' for several months.  As you may know last year we introduced the iOS / Android mobile client based on React Native.  While this was a good "first step" for a mobile interface we decided to have one code base for the mobile (iOS / Android) and desktop applications (Windows / Linux / OS X).

We looked at different frameworks and decided on Flutter by Google.  Flutter, which uses the Dart language, is relatively new framework that supports multi-platform applications.  While Flutter is still "new", the support from Google and the community is outstanding and development track is rapid.

We expect the new mobile apps to be on TestFlight (iOS) in the next few weeks.  Currently an Android app can be downloaded from GitHub -

Android x86 packages

Features in the mobile app of Unity:

- Motion events now show the image causing the event

- Smaller application size (less bloat!)

- Feature parity going forward with the desktop client.

- Motion events can be snoozed for 15/30/1 hour increments.

- Theme settings can be selected for Light/Dark/Systems

- Additional data formats are now available

Select cameras from different servers on the same live view.  This is a big change from Version 1 where only streams from one server could be displayed at anytime.


If you have already purchased the iOS Bluecherry app this will be a free upgrade.  You will have to add yours servers once you upgrade to Version 2 of the mobile app as this data won't be shared between Version 1 and Version 2.