Server 3.1.0-rc5 released

This release focuses on resolving several reports issues.  

  • FIX: Frame based motion randomly stops in the middle of a motion event #(500)
  • FIX: Constant recordings stop after several seconds (#523)
  • FIX: Add cron scripts for domain and SSL renewal
  • FIX: Only send webhook trigger on motion, not constant video (#515) -- Thanks to @mcnelson for this fix
  • FIX: Increase Media.size limit to fix SQL errors with 1hr+ record segments (0294eef) -- Thanks to @mcnelson for this fix
  • FIX: Web UI fix: can't delete webhooks when there are multiple webhooks configured (b384096) -- Thanks to @enp6s0 for this fix

You can run the following command to upgrade to this release:

sudo apt-get update ; sudo apt-get install bluecherry